GearHead Q&A: Carmelo Anthony, Pt. I

Did you know Carmelo Anthony has a new sneaker debuting this week (and that he debuted a new website last week? Scroll down to the bottom to learn more about that)? You did if you read my GearHead blogs! And if you didn’t know. Now you do. Lol.

To celebrate the impending release of the Jordan Melo M6, caught up with Mr. Anthony to discuss the inspiration behind his new kicks, his favorite Jordan Melo’s of all-time, and other sorts of cool stuff. Keep reading to see what he had to say...

Duane From NJ: First off, congrats. The new sneaker looks awesome. How much say did you have when it came to the final design?

Carmelo Anthony: I was there from the beginning. I always weigh in right from the beginning with all my shoes. Every step of the way.

DNJ: Where there things you experienced while wearing last year’s model that made you seek changes performance-wise when it came time to create the M6?

CA: It wasn’t just performance, or on the court stuff, that influenced the design. I also took a lot of inspiration from things that interest me off-the-court. Cars, culture in general, those things played a role in the sneaker’s design.

DNJ: What are some of the things culture-wise that inspired you? Was it music, fashion…

CA: Fashion played a big role in this year’s sneaker. I took that into consideration. I’m one of those guys, if I see something, and I like it, I get it.

DNJ: So you’d never be confused with slow-shoppers that like to paw over everything first?

CA: Oh nah. Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah. I’m probably too much of a fast shopper. I need to slow down at times.

DNJ: Have you had a chance to try the new sneaks out yet? What was your first impressions?

CA: I had ‘em a long time ago. I wear-tested an early version a while back, gave some feedback, and adjustments were made from there.

DNJ: Even though its still part of the Jordan Brand, the Melo's seem to be steadily developing their own, unique identity. It's begun to stand on its own more and more. Was that a conscious decision?

CA: Oh yeah. You go into a store, and there are five-to-ten pairs of Jordans to pick from, right away. Why not put together something that can stand on its own a bit?

DNJ: But there are so many pairs of Jordans! Not that I’m complaining. At all.

CA: But that’s why it’s so important to stay on top of what’s going on, society-wise. You have to stay on top of the kids that are buying the shoes. Ask them questions, what they’re into, what they dislike.

DNJ: Do you have certain family members or friends that you try sneakers out on, to get a feel for what they think early on in the process?

CA: I like to show them to people that are around me. I don’t even ask questions though. I just show them to the guys and wait to see their reactions. I use that for feedback. They’re the guys out there in the streets wearing the sneakers. I feel like they have a good idea of what people want.

DNJ: What would you say is your favorite pair of Melo’s, out of the six that have been released?

CA: Definitely this  one, because I took it in such a different direction. But after that, I’d say the 5.5. I had a big movement around that sneaker. And the response towards that movement – not just the sneaker, but the commercials in Baltimore, the apparel and everything else – it was one of my favorite set-ups.

Be sure to check back here later this week! ‘Melo and I will be discussing what it was like when he found out his jersey was being retired, the upcoming NBA season, and, of course, more sneakers! And if you're interested in learning more about the Jordan Melo M6, be sure to visit Carmelo's new website,!







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