Bruins Visit Kids While Dressed as Characters from Frozen

boston bruins frozen

Every year around Halloween, members of the Boston Bruins drop by Boston Children’s Hospital to surprise and meet some of the young patients. And when they arrive, the hockey players are in costume. Yesterday, Kevan Miller, Matt Bartkowski, Seth Griffith, Torey Krug, and Dougie Hamilton arrived dressed up as characters from the Disney movie Frozen.

That’s them at the top of the page: Miller as Kristoff, Fraser as Anna, Bartkowski as Sven, Griffith as Hans, Krug as Olaf, and Hamilton as Elsa. They seem to be having a good time, but maybe they’re a little embarrassed to have to wear those outfits? Nope, said Hamilton. “I think it’s fun, whatever can make them smile,” he added. “It’s all about fun for them, so no shame at all.”

boston bruins frozen

The Bruins posted a cool video recapping the players’ visit to the hospital:

The team also has a short video interview with Krug, er, Olaf:

Yes! Made it all the way through this post without one “Let it Go” refere…. Drat.

Photos courtesy Boston Bruins

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