Andrew Bynum and Seven Great NBA Hairstyles

Andrew Bynum, though sidelined with a knee injury, still managed to make an impact during last night’s Sixers-Pistons game. On the court, Philly gave Detroit their first win of the season, but it was hard to watch the game with Bynum showing off his new follicle stylings on the bench. We suspect some sort of heat treatment (blow dryer? flat iron?) to straighten and create a fluffy hair helmet. Bynum’s new ‘do also got us thinking about other great hair of the 21st Century NBA. Here are seven of our favorites from the past decade.

Tread On Me
In his Motor City days, Rip Hamilton found an odd automotive sponsorship opportunity. Instead of his normal corn rows, he had his hair styled to resemble the tread of a Goodyear Tire.

Vladimir Radmanovic's Braids
Way back in 2005 the Sonics had their last great year as a franchise. They surprised the league that year making it to the second round of the playoffs, narrowly losing to the eventual champion Spurs. Yet, that's not what fans were talking about when the playoffs first started. They were marveling at Radmanovic's inexplicable new braids. The best touch? The green and gold rubber bands that matched the team colors.

Scot Pollard's Mohawk
The journeyman center played for five teams in eleven years, but had countless hairstyles. The frosted mohawk had to be one of his finest.

Daniel Gibson Reps Texas
Cavalier's shooting guard and proud University of Texas alum wanted to let people know he supported his horns when they took on Alabama in the BCS title game in January 2010. While we applaud his effort, the craftsmanship was sub-par, especially when you consider the next entry.

Metta World Peace, Company Man
We could have selected many World Peace hairstyles, but we especially enjoyed his homage to the Sacramento Kings, from back in the days when he called himself Ron Artest.

Sideshow Andy
The NBA's lovable energy guy, Anderson Varejao, has sported his signature Sideshow Bob-esque curly locks since he came in the league and teamed with LeBron. Though the King abdicated his thrown in Cleveland, his jester remains. But Varejao's game is far from a joke, especially considering his outstanding 35-point, 18-rebound performance earlier this week.

The Birdman is Peacocking
Chris Anderson, he of many many many tattoos, not only covers his skin in ink, but his hair in gel as well. The upshot is that this style has to really improve his aerodynamics on the court.

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