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USWNT vs. USMNT equal pay discussion and its complexity

The "equal pay for equal play" discussion is a complicated one. It's not entirely black and white despite the idealistic notion that both the U.S. women's national team and men's national team should be paid equally, or at the very least have the same incentive and bonus structure in light of the numbers the U.S. women presented in their EEOC claim vs. U.S. Soccer.

Some of the complexities around the topic include revenue generation, with both long-term and recent revenue figures needing to be taken into account by the parties involved. The men and women also each have their own collective bargaining agreements with U.S. Soccer, and what one side negotiates could impact the other, and vice versa. And while it could be natural to frame the argument as U.S. women vs. U.S. men, what it comes down to is the U.S. women vs. U.S. Soccer in their ongoing legal battle.

SI's Grant Wahl joined SI Now on Wednesday to discuss the nature of the topic (watch in the video above), why it isn't so simple and perhaps explains why Graham Zusi's answer to the equal pay topic on Tuesday's SI Now was so limited and, ultimately, extremely awkward.

As straightforward as it might seem to most, the issue is anything but that.