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Lionel Messi: Seeing Stephen Curry play ‘is magical’

Argentina star Lionel Messi is a big fan of Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry.
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Lionel Messi has a couple big goals when Argentina comes to the United States for the Copa America this summer.

Messi, of course, wants to bring his home country its first major tournament trophy since 1993. And he also wants to meet two-time NBA MVP and his spiritual sibling Stephen Curry.

Messi, in an essay told to Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl, described his appreciation for the NBA’s first unanimous MVP.

“Soccer will be the main focus while I’m in the Bay Area, naturally, but part of me is also hoping to meet Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors,” Messi writes. “Seeing him play is magical...Our small size and playing styles even have some similarities. In December he sent me his signed Warriors jersey. I sent back my signed shirt in April to return the favor.”

Messi also lauded Curry’s connection to his sport.

Lionel Messi: In his own words

“If you watch Curry play—or, just as revealing, warm up before the game—you notice his relationship with the ball,” Messi writes. “It’s like his body and mind are always on the same wavelength with el balón. I try to have that connection with the ball in my sport, too.”

Messi and Argentina will be in U.S. for the Copa America in June.