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Rafa Marquez, Borussia Dortmund have pointed responses to Trump's wall

Rafa Marquez and Borussia Dortmund have some pointed messages for the president of the United States.

President Donald Trump's wall between the United States and Mexico is back at the forefront of the headline cycle, with Trump signing off on an executive order to build the border wall and claiming that Mexico will eventually pay the U.S. for its construction.

The divisive concept has overflowed from the political sphere in to the sports one, emitting reactions from many corners of the world. 

Four-time Mexico World Cup captain Rafa Marquez, for example, voiced his opposition stance with a pointed statement claiming (translated) "that no wall can hold us back if we believe in ourselves," full with a video of his free-kick goal for Barcelona that bests a defensive wall in front of him.

The tweet echoed one sent by Oribe Peralta after Mexico's win over the USA in a November World Cup qualifier just three days after Trump won the presidential election that read "There is no wall that can stop us."

Borussia Dortmund has thrust itself into the conversation as well, posting a photo of its famous yellow wall at the Westfallenstadion, stating "the only #wall we believe in."

The wall, and Trump in general, was a topic of conversation prior to the USA's World Cup qualifier against Mexico.

U.S. captain Michael Bradley touched on the dynamic prior to the game, saying: "We, as Americans, have total respect for everybody and a real appreciation for not just the Mexican-Americans but the people from around the world who come and make a new life for themselves in our country. ... We have no choice but to have total faith in our system and the new president, that he's going to make the best decisions for everybody in this country."

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Regardless of how this all plays out, the world–the soccer world included–is watching.