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The cost of hosting this year’s Olympics in Rio was the lowest since 2004

The cost of this year’s Olympic Games was relatively inexpensive compared to previous years.
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This year’s Olympic Games in Rio cost $4.56 billion to host, according to data pulled from The Oxford Olympic Study. That’s over $10 billion cheaper than 2012’s Olympics in London, and $2 billion less than China paid for the Beijing Games in 2008.

Rio overspent by 51%, which is the second-lowest percentage in the past 24 years, trailing the Athens Games in 2004. put together an infographic of Olympic costs, highlighting its inexpensive nature among past Games. The chart also includes the projected cost of 2020’s Tokyo Games, which could turn out to cost $15 billion.


Also of note at the Games was the amount of nations—nine—which medaled for the first time. 


Rio caught a lot of heat prior to the Olympics for conditions some said made the city unfit to host, but the Games went on without significant disruption