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Watch: Doc Emrick calls play-by-play for making of a sandwich

Hearing Doc Emrick announce the making of a Primanti's sandwich is more electric than you think.

Imagine Doc Emrick narrating your whole life.

That would be nice but we'll just have to keep dreaming. For now, Emrick doing the play-by-play of his own sandwich being made is electric.

Watch Emrick's visit to Primanti Brothers in the Strip District below:

“I’m a Pirate fan,” Emrick explained. “and so it struck me as the green wall and the green grass at PNC, and the mustard was there because it needs to have some gold in it, because it’s the Pirates. And the dark was the hamburger because I’m from Indiana, the state, and we’re pretty simple when it comes to food. We like meat and potatoes. And because the fries are automatically there, it was a hamburger and fries.”