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Hockey superfan Charles Barkley crashes NHL press conference with Wayne Gretzky

“The biggest hockey fan in North America.” “Literally.”
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It wouldn’t be all that surprising if Charles Barkley has totally tuned out on the NBA Finals. Barkley has spent all spring talking about how much he loves hockey. 

“Thank god for the NHL playoffs,” Barkley said after the Warriors completed their second sweep of the postseason. While the Cavs were polishing off an easy series against the Celtics, Barkley admitted that he wanted to go back to his hotel and catch the rest of the Senators-Penguins Game 7 (which he apparently placed a bet on).

The logical next step was for Barkley to actually show up at the Stanley Cup Final, which he did on Monday at Wayne Gretzky’s press conference. 

We’re this close to getting Chuck on the intermission report, which could be blessing or a curse.