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Watch: Bruins Wing Brad Marchand Refuses to Stop Licking Opponents

The NHL has told Brad Marchand to quit it with the licking. 

Bruins wing Brad Marchand has decided he has no rules and will not be tamed by the NHL.

Last week, the league reached out to Marchand and asked him to stop licking his opponents. It seems like a pretty reasonable request.

However, Marchand tried to insist the league didn't actually reach out to him to say he should stop licking people. So the league had to come out and say that it told Marchand to stop licking people.

Well, the message didn't stick.

That's Tampa Bay's Ryan Callahan becoming the most recent victim of Marchand's tongue in Friday's Game 4.

The Lightning hold a 3-1 series lead after winning Game 4 over Boston 4-3 in overtime.

After the game, Callahan spoke about getting licked by Marchand and said, "I don't know what the difference is between that and spitting in someone's face," according Chris Johnston of Sportsnet.

Well the league has stepped in and licking will no longer be tolerated. 

It's not just Marchand getting put on warning, though. It appears the NHL has made it clear to other teams that they shouldn't be getting an ideas from the Boston forward:

Hopefully, this is the end of the saga.