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This word cloud proves how boring Super Bowl Opening Night really was

Super Bowl Opening Night was very boring. We have proof.

Super Bowl Opening Night was very boring, and we have the word cloud to prove it. 

Players and coaches from the Patriots and Falcons addressed the media on Monday ahead of Super Bowl LI, but nothing really happened outside of Cooper Manning wearing a funny suit and the creepy Tom Brady mask guy showing up again. 

The NFL's official transcripts from the night total 69,869 words, including the NFL's paraphrasing of questions. Of those 69,869 words, the word "game" was among the most popular, with 374 mentions. Similarly fascinating words like "great" (337), "play" (308), "guys" (345) and "good" (240) were also popular. "Super" edged "bowl" with 238 mentions to 227. "That's" (194) was also a very common choice.

So we decided to make it a little more interesting by limiting the words in our word cloud to longer words, with eight characters or more (plus a couple exceptions, like "Brady"). Take a look: 


Graphic by Lindsay Applebaum

Oddly enough, "Cleveland" earned 22 mentions despite neither team hailing from the city.

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Feel like you have a sense of how the players are feeling about the big game after looking at the most common words they said? Neither do I.