Sports Illustrated's 52 Super Bowl Stories

The final paragraph of Sports Illustrated’s first Super Bowl game story (Jan. 23, 1967 issue) delivers a sentiment that neatly encapsulates football’s dominant force at the dawn of the Super Bowl era: “The Packers, as was clearly evident on Sunday, always do just what Vincent Lombardi wants them to do.”

The first paragraph in one of Sports Illustrated’s most recent Super Bowl game story (Feb. 15-22, 2016 issue) depicts a scene that reflects how the game’s current dominant forces thrive in a more progressive landscape, as Super Bowl MVP Von Miller asks, “What happened to my pants?”

In the last 52 years, the Super Bowl has evolved from a measuring stick game between rival leagues into the biggest sports and pop culture event in the United States, and SI’s game stories from every matchup live on as historical postcards reflecting how we felt at the time about the sport’s biggest heroes, plays and personalities. Thanks to the SI Vault, you can now revisit every memorable moment of every Super Bowl as it originally appeared in the pages of SI, from Don Shula’s undefeated Dolphins to the heyday of the Steel Curtain to The Helmet Catch.

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Click on each game below to read SI’s 52 Super Bowl feature stories from 1967 to 2018, written by Tex Maule, Dan Jenkins, Paul Zimmerman, Rick Telander, Michael Silver, Tim Layden, Damon Hack, Lee Jenkins, Peter King, S.L. Price and Greg Bishop. (Note: The dates under each game reflect the SI issue each story appeared in.)

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