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Ranking the NFL’s eight divisions by their quarterback talent

Which NFL division has the best quarterbacks? We take a close look at each quarterback in all eight divisions and rank accordingly.

All right, let’s first get this brief preface out of the way before we start. This is a collective, composite grading of each division, based on all four quarterbacks, from top to bottom. So if one division happens to have the best QB in the league in it, but the other three teams in the division all employ very bad QBs, well, that’s worse than a division with four QBs that are all pretty good. Also, these ratings are based on this current 2016 season.  I repeat, they are based on this current 2016 season. They are not based on the quarterbacks’ entire careers. So yes, Matt Ryan ranks as better than Aaron Rodgers, because for this season, right now, that is the case. In certain scenarios, however, when all other factors were pretty much equal, the breadth of accomplishments in a career were factored in. As was the age-old eye test (meaning, my own take on who I find to be more pleasing/less pleasing to watch play football) and various X-factors (dysfunction does not help your rating).  

That was really just a long-winded way of saying that this ranking is very subjective. But also, it is incontrovertibly correct. (Don’t @ me).

Now let’s get started. Shall we start with the worst first? Sure, why not.