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The NFL's best slot receivers, No. 3: Randall Cobb, Packers

With Jordy Nelson back, Cobb should be able to get back to his footwork masterclass on the inside.
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Cobb was forced more outside in 2015 as a result of the torn ACL that cost Jordy Nelson his entire 2015 season. He showed impressive aplomb, but the Packers are in their best shape when Cobb can manipulate coverage over the middle and down the seams as a speed slot weapon with an ever-increasing route awareness. Cobb's speed is his primary skill—he can foot-fake a cornerback into stopping at the first coverage point, and then blow right by him in embarrassing fashion. Even with a depleted receiver corps and some really questionable offensive playcalling last season, Cobb still caught 66 passes from the slot on 109 targets for 704 yards and six touchdowns. Not quite the transcendent slot season he had in 2014, but quite respectable under the circumstances. With Nelson back as his outside foil (and perhaps a few more route concepts stuck in Mike McCarthy's playbook), Cobb could work his way to the top of this list, especially if he gets over the focus drops that plagued him at times in 2015.