Greg Jennings says Aaron Rodgers should feel the pressure for Packers’ slow start

Greg Jennings had strong words for his former Packers teammate Aaron Rodgers. 
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Aaron Rodgers can’t deflect the blame for the Packers’ struggles any longer, former teammate Greg Jennings said Monday. 

During an appearance on FS1’s Speak For Yourself, Jennings said Rodgers can’t use a lack of pass-catching talent as an excuse and should be the one feeling the pressure. 

Something is clearly off with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

With Jordy Nelson out last year, Rodgers completed a career-low 60.7% of his passes. He threw for just 6.7 yards per attempt, also the worst of his career. Through five games this year, his stats are about the same—a 60.2% completion rate and 6.5 yards per attempt.