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Brady's return, Wentz's first loss and more of Week 5's biggest stories

Controversial calls, back-and-forth finishes and costly quarterback mistakes have dominated Week 5. A quick look at the stories that mattered from Sunday.

Week 5 has been a cavalcade of showing true colors. Tom Brady made his valiant return without an ounce of rust. Meanwhile, the Carson Wentz train hit a bump on the road to perfection. 

John Elway looked like a genius as Brock Osweiler continues to disappoint in Houston, while the man Osweiler replaced, Brian Hoyer, has played well enough in Chicago to likely grab the baton from a downtrodden Jay Cutler.

Read on for more of Week 5's intriguing quarterback drama, plus Frank Gore record-climbing performance, Steve Smith's blip on the road to 1000 catches and much more.