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Ranking the 15 Best Safeties in Football

From Earl Thomas to Tyrann Mathieu to Eric Weddle, we break down the 15 best at safety, one of the most versatile positions on the field

And say, we can dance, we can dance/Everything’s out of control

We can dance, we can dance/They’re doing it from pole to pole

We can dance, we can dance/Everybody look at your hands

We can dance, we can dance/Everybody’s taking the chance

Safety dance

Oh well, the safety dance

Ah yes, the safety dance

With the NFL news cycle pretty much frozen in place, Andy and I considered filling the first half of this week’s episode by playing “Safety Dance” on repeat for 40 minutes. But since the rights were cost prohibitive, we talked football instead. And actually, we had some interesting discussions about the increasingly bizarre Ryan Fitzpatrick “negotiations,” as well as Rob and Rex Ryan’s somewhat justified bravado. Also, the fact that Andy is seemingly so, so right and everyone else (except for Mike Mayock and Greg Cosell) is seemingly so, so wrong on the Eagles’ quarterback battle.

And that brings us to our ranking of the top 15 safeties in football. One fellow NFL media personality, upon being told that safeties were next up in our offseason position rankings series, replied “Yeah... I’m gonna miss that show.” And I guess if your interest in football doesn’t extend past fantasy, this episode might not be for you. But safety is one of the most versatile and interesting positions on the field from a pure football standpoint. As Andy points out, when quarterbacks study film, they’re primarily studying an opponent’s safeties. If you’re a football fan, this is exactly the kind of X’s and O’s nuance you should love.

Plus, stick around as we talk some Josh Gordon, and reveal the mystery of the thunderous typing you might have heard in the background of last week’s episode.

This week’s segments:

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Wentz vs. Bradford (Andy was right!), the bravado of the Ryan brothers, and Eifert and Abdullah injuries: 1:03

Mailbag: 27:08

Rankings the NFL’s Cornerbacks: 38:33

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