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NFL playoff picture: Seeding, division titles on line heading into Week 17

As the second to last week of the regular season rolls on, here's an up-to-date look at where the AFC and NFC races stand.
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The NFL’s Week 16 was headlined by the renewal of several fierce rivalries loaded with playoff implications in both conferences, with Christmas Day owned by the AFC.

The Steelers secured the AFC North, while the Chiefs clinched a playoff berth with Baltimore's loss. After knocking the defending champion Broncos out of playoff contention, the AFC West crown is still within reach for Kansas City. In Week 17, the Matt McGloin-led Raiders face the Broncos, and the Chiefs get a much easier task against San Diego. If the Raiders lose and Chiefs win, the AFC West trophy will land in Kansas City. With the Broncos' loss, the Dolphins are officially in.

Over in the NFC, the North is the only division yet to be won, and the crown will be decided in a Week 17 showdown between the Lions and the Packers.

If the playoffs started today, which other teams would be in, and which teams would be on the bubble? Here’s an updated look at how the playoff seeds shake out after Week 16, plus a look at the two teams who still have a chance to make leap back into a playoff spot in Week 17. Teams with an asterisk (*) have clinched a playoff berth.​

'Killer B's' of Pittsburgh fuel epic, emotional win over Baltimore to take AFC North


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1. New England Patriots*

RECORD: 13-2 (AFC 10–1)

AFC East champion. Week 16: Beat Jets, 41–3

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2. Oakland Raiders*

RECORD: 12-3 (AFC 9–2)

AFC West leader. Week 16: Beat Colts 33–25

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3. Pittsburgh Steelers*

RECORD: 10-5 (AFC 7–3)

AFC North champions. Week 16: Beat Ravens 31–27

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4. Houston Texans*

RECORD: 9-6 (AFC 7–4)

AFC South champions. Week 16: Beat Bengals 12–10.

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5. Kansas City Chiefs*

RECORD: 11-4 (AFC 8–3)

First wild card. Week 16: Beat Broncos 33-10

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6. Miami Dolphins*

RECORD: 10-5 (AFC 7–4)

Second wild card. Week 16: Beat Bills 34–31 in OT. 

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1. Dallas Cowboys*

RECORD: 13-2 (NFC 9–2)

NFC East champions. Week 16: Beat Lions, 42–21

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2. Atlanta Falcons*

RECORD: 10-5 (NFC 8–3)

NFC South champions. Week 16: Beat Panthers, 33–16.

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3. seattle seahawks*

RECORD: 9-5-1 (NFC 5-5-1)

NFC West champions. Week 16: Lost to Cardinals, 34–31.

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4. green bay packers

RECORD: 9-6 (NFC 7-4)

NFC North leader. Week 16: Beat Vikings, 38–25. 

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5. New York Giants*

RECORD: 10-5 (NFC 7–4)

First wild card. Week 16: Lost to Eagles, 24–19.

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6. detroit lions

RECORD: 9-6 (NFC 7–4)

Second wild card. Week 16: Lost to Cowboys, 42–21 

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7. Washington Redskins

RECORD: 8-6–1 (NFC 6–5)

Week 16: Beat Bears, 41–21.   

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8. tampa bay buccaneers

RECORD: 8-6 (NFC 6–4)

Week 16: Lost to Saints, 31–21