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The Top 15 Quarterbacks in the NFL

Ben, Brady, A-Rod and the always polarizing Russell Wilson headline our countdown and conversation of the league’s best signal-callers

Sunrise, sunset.

The MMQB Podcast’s offseason position rankings came to an emotional end for Andy and me. We laughed. We cried. We yelled about researcher Jeff Irwin’s rankings. We recorded it. We put it up on the internet. Then afterwards we ate, we slept and, presumably, we interacted with our respective loved ones.

It was a good show. Really, it was. We got weirdly worked up over Alex Smith a few times (if memory serves, I said he’s the best quarterback in NFL history, Andy said he’s the worst quarterback in NFL history), and I managed to make a genuine reference to Tim Tebow not once, but twice!

The position rankings are done with (and if you missed any you can find them on SoundCloud, iTunes or Stitcher), but we have plenty coming up in the next few weeks.

No, seriously, we do have great shows coming up in light of the fact that actual football is being, if not played, at least practiced by professional players.

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