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The NFL’s Top 15 Cornerbacks

Sherman? Peterson? Revis? Norman? In this week’s episode, we rank the 15 best cover men in the NFL

Embrace debate, the siren song made to lure in the lowest common denominator. Andy and I do our best to avoid debate for the sake of debate and, well… this week we succeeded. It was total harmony at The MMQB Podcast HQ. We ranked the top 15 cornerbacks in football, and our personal rankings were weirdly similar, especially considering the raging debate centered around Sherman vs. Peterson vs. Revis vs. Harris vs. Norman.

We also dove into a discussion—and it ended up being a discussion, not a debate—on Eli Manning vs. Tony Romo. We just kind of agreed. It was pleasant. And we also learned some things along the way. So if two screaming ninnies is your thing… sorry, we let you down with this one…

Should you not have 86-plus minutes to burn, this week’s segments:

Las Vegas Raiders, Tom Coughlin, Dwight Freeney, Bills lose their first-rounder, and just what Washington has planned for Josh Norman: 0:53

Eli Manning vs. Tony Romo: 27:48

Mailbag: 37:03

Rankings the NFL’s Cornerbacks: 50:17

I also have some fun with Andy’s mini freak out from last week’s running back rankings. As always, he was a good sport and a good dude. Andy also passed along researcher Jeff Irwin’s explanation for ranking Adrian Peterson 10th on his personal RB rankings. (It’s not an explanation Andy or I agree with, but it’s at least an explanation based in logic.)

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