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The NFL's best slot receivers, No. 2: Jarvis Landry, Dolphins

Landry is one of the best at exploiting coverage and new head coach Adam Gase is looking to create even more big play situations for Landry. 
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Only Jordan Matthews had more slot targets than Landry's 102, and Landry caught 71 of those targets for 784 yards and two touchdowns. The second-round pick in 2014 was an explosive player in an offense that was anything but last season—Landry caught the fourth-most passes in the NFL in 2015 (110 on 166 targets), but only eight of those passes went over 20 yards, and he scored just four touchdowns. New head coach and offensive shot-caller Adam Gase has already said that he wants Landry to get more big-play opportunities both inside and outside, and Landry is certainly equal to the task. He's got a great sense for how to find and exploit openings in coverage, and he's got the downfield speed to excel outside, and threaten deep coverage on vertical seam and over routes. Those in the know have been aware of Landry's potential for a while; don't be surprised if he joins the league's upper echelon in everyone's mind in 2016.