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Scout's Take: Jacksonville Jaguars

Davon House has really been an asset in Jacksonville's defense, a three-deep scheme with a lot of man coverage off the base.

Underrated: Davon House

Picking up House from the Packers was an underrated signing. When you turn on the film, this guy has really made it difficult on opposing offenses to throw the ball to his side of the field with any type of efficiency. He has really been an asset in their defense, the three-deep scheme with corners playing a lot of man coverage off that as well. But Gus Bradley plays a little bit of a variation of the Pete Carroll scheme—they run a little bit more Cover-2 than Seattle does. House is one of the reasons why they are playing some really good defense down there.

Overrated: Luke Joeckel

When you look at some of the moves that they’ve made, they’ve tried to throw a lot of bodies at that left tackle position. They see Kelvin Beachum as being a better option than what Luke is. It seems that Luke is responding the right way at left guard and has had maybe his best preseason to date. When a player is taken at the top of the draft like what Joeckel was, he’s automatically considered to be a superstar, a Pro Bowler, and here it is just not the case. Luke has had his issues on the left side, going against the best athletes a defense has to offer.