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The Browns can't finish 0–16 anymore, and some Lions fans are celebrating

The Detroit Lions remain the only team to finish 0–16. And some Lions fans are celebrating. 

The Cleveland Browns won their first game of the season on Saturday, meaning that the 2008 Detroit Lions remain the only team in NFL history to finish 0–16. And for some Lions fans, that's cause for celebration. 

You might think that Detroit fans would hope for Cleveland to match the Lions' futility. Some fans certainly did. But on Twitter, a number of Lions fans celebrated the Browns' win because it allows the Lions to maintain their title as the only team in NFL history to finish the year 0–16. (The 1976 Buccaneers also finished winless, but they were only 0–14.) 

Desperate Lions fans will take whatever they can get. 

Think the Browns are bad? They'll never reach the 2008 Lions' depths

Hopefully sole possession of the 0–16 record will comfort Lions fans after they finish blowing the NFC North next week.