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The five best broadcast calls in Super Bowl history

There have been hundreds of memorable plays in the Super Bowl’s 50-year history, and while all have been accented by great calls, some are more exceptional than the other.
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There have been hundreds of memorable plays in the Super Bowl’s 50-year history, and while almost all of them have been accented by great calls, some are more exceptional than others.

From Ray Scott and Curt Gowdy to Al Michaels, Jim Nantz and Joe Buck, a total of 11 broadcasters have worked the nationally-televised broadcast of the game—with dozens more working it on the radio and on international feeds—bringing the biggest football of the game of the year to hungry fans.

Here are the five best calls in Super Bowl history. Two come from Al Michaels, and one comes from the Westwood One radio feed.

Malcom Butler’s game-winning interception

Super Bowl XLIX — Kevin Harlan, Westwood One

Harlan’s radio calls are always a cut above the rest, but his delivery of perhaps the greatest final play (well, technically penultimate) in Super Bowl history was nothing short of electric.

Santonio Holmes’s game-winning toedrag catch

Super Bowl XLIII — Al Michaels and John Madden, NBC



​Jackie Smith drops a game-winning touchdown pass

Super Bowl XLIII — Curt Gowdy, NBC

The way Curt lays out Smith’s backstory just a second after his crucial drop is amazing.

Jackie Smith talks extensively about the drop that almost ruined his life

Kevin Dyson is tackled at the one-yard line

Super Bowl XXXIV — Al Michaels, ABC

Flawless voice inflection from Michaels, who’s perhaps the best to ever call the game.

Devin Hester returns the opening kick for a touchdown

Super Bowl XLI — Jim Nantz, CBS

It’s like Nantz knew Hester was going to run it back. Listen to the way he set it up.