Here’s every record that was set in Super Bowl LI

Here is the full list of records set and tied in this year’s Super Bowl — of which there were many.

There were 24 new records set in the Patriots’ historic comeback win over the Falcons. Seven more were tied. New England’s 31–point comeback stands as the largest in Super Bowl history, 

See all the new stats below.

Super Bowl Records set and tied in Super Bowl LI

Records Set

Most Games – 7, Tom Brady

Most Games, Head Coach – 7, Bill Belichick

Most Games Won, Head Coach – 5, Bill Belichick

Most Points, Game – 20, James White (three touchdowns and a two-point conversion)

Most Passes, Career – 309, Tom Brady

Most Passes, Game – 62, Tom Brady

Most Completions, Career – 207, Tom Brady

Most Completions, Game – 43, Tom Brady

Most Passing Yards, Career – 2071, Tom Brady

Most Passing Yards, Game – 466, Tom Brady

Most Touchdown Passes, Career – 15, Tom Brady

Most Receptions, Game – 14, James White

Most Games, Team – 9, New England

Largest Deficit Overcome, Winning Team – 25 points, New England

Most Points, Overtime Period, Team – 6, New England (first overtime in NFL history)

Most First Downs, Game, Team – 37, New England

Most First Downs, Game, Both Teams – 39

Most First Downs Passing, Game, Team – 26, New England

Most First Downs Passing, Game, Both Teams – 39

Most Offensive Plays, Game, Team – 93, New England

Most Passes, Game, Team – 63, New England

Most Completions, Game, Team – 43, New England

Most Passing Yards, Game, Team – 442, New England

Most Passing Yards, Game, Both Teams – 682

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Records Tied

Most Games Won – 5, Tom Brady

Most Touchdowns, Game – 3, James White

Most Two-Point Conversions, Game – 1, James White and Danny Amendola

Most Sacks, Game (Since 1982) – 3, Grady Jarrett

Most Two-Point Conversions, Game, Team – 2, New England

Most Two-Point Conversions, Game, Total – 2

Most First Downs by Penalty, Game, Team – 4, New England

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