NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Falcons fly into top three heading into penultimate week

Here's why Giants should be considered Super Bowl contenders

Every NFL season brings its share of surprises and disappointments. This year, perhaps even more than usual.

Even if you believed in Dak Prescott’s potential, did anyone see a 12–2 start coming for the Cowboys? How about the Raiders at 11–3, or the Bucs, Titans, Dolphins and Lions all in control of their playoff destinies with two weeks to go.

Of course, the opposite end of the spectrum has a different vibe. Take the top three teams in our Power Rankings headed into Week 1: Carolina, Arizona and Denver. That group made up three of the four conference-title participants a year ago, with the Panthers and Broncos obviously meeting in the Super Bowl. Only Denver has a realistic shot to reach the playoffs this year, and it needs help to do so—the Cardinals have been eliminated; the Panthers are down to a miracle long shot.

Two weeks left in the regular season. One set of Power Rankings to go after this version. 

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