2017 NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Round 1 is loaded with top-notch defensive talent

NFL draft: Could a mid-major prospect be the top wide receiver taken?

College football’s conference championship games are a mere week away. Bowl season arrives in less than a month. Any 2017 draft prospect hoping to leave an imprint better put his foot on the gas.

What seems clear already is that this is going to be a good year if your team needs defensive help. There are a handful of potential top-10 edge rushers, with a solid group behind them. There is a ridiculously loaded crop of cornerbacks, and the safeties aren’t half bad either. Defensive tackles? Got ’em. Linebackers? Yep.

There is not as much reason to be excited on the other side of the ball, especially at quarterback.

The order for our latest mock is based on the current draft standings, right on through the 12 teams currently in playoff position. The overload of defensive talent means that there are a lot of Round 1 talents who didn’t fit into the 32 picks projected out. What, if anything, will change next time around?

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