NFL Week 8 Power Rankings: AFC West looks like the best division in the NFL right now

NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

There is no trophy handed out to the NFL’s best division. In fact, if players are being honest about it, they’d probably prefer to be in the worst division—it’s a lot easier to stockpile wins when your closest rivals are in the dumps.

If we’re stacking up the divisions against each other right now, though, the only two with realistic arguments for the top spot are the AFC West and NFC East. The former features three two-loss teams (Oakland, Denver and Kansas City), plus what is easily the league’s most dangerous sub-.500 club (San Diego); the latter has a combined nine losses, everyone’s above the break-even mark and Dallas is a healthy 5–1. 

It’s close. This week’s Power Rankings give a pretty clear edge to the AFC West.

In what probably is a Power Rankings first (and definitely is, at minimum, a Power Rankings rarity), all of the West’s teams sit in the top 10 this week. You do not need much of an imagination to see the division sweeping the AFC’s wild-card spots and sending the maximum three teams on to the playoffs.

Which spots do the AFC West’s teams hold? Read on to see:

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