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Gray Area Podcast: Discussing LeBron James's legacy with Lee Jenkins

On the latest recording of The Gray Area Podcast, Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins discusses LeBron James's legacy and delves into his cover story. 

On the new episode of The Gray Area Podcast, Maggie Gray talks with SI senior writer Lee Jenkins about his latest cover story on LeBron James, and what motivates the Cleveland Cavaliers star now that he has finally brought a championship back to his hometown.

Now, James has a new motivation, which he refers to as "The ghost in Chicago." How much does the specter of Michael Jordan loom over the career of LeBron James? What does LeBron need to do to unequivocally be considered the greatest player of all time? All that and more, discussed on the new episode of The Gray Area.

LeBron chasing the ghost in Chicago | LeBron's 23 best moments

Listen to the show below: