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Kevin Durant Wears $190 White Tee on Sports Illustrated Cover

KD's SI cover shoot shirt cost how much...? 

Back-to-back NBA titles and back-to-back Finals MVPs is cause for a Sports Illustrated cover story. A cover story is cause for a fancy get-up. Kevin Durant dressed accordingly, sporting a spiffy...t-shirt? 

Yep. A t-shirt. But not just any t-shirt: this white Acne Studios brand shirt. Want to dress like one of the best basketball players in the world? If you've got $190 to spend on a single shirt, you could.

Durant has said he doesn't like to worry about looking fancy as he walks into arenas before games because it adds some extra stress to his pregame routine. 

"I feel as if a lot of basketball players, celebrities, put on this front that they're bigger and strong and different - that they're superheroes," Durant said. "I'm not a celebrity hooper. I don't care about money and fame...I like to play basketball."

All despair: it appears that the white shirt is now sold out.