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95. Evan Fournier, SG, Magic

Through four NBA seasons, Evan Fournier carved out a niche as a smooth scorer.

Fournier doesn’t much bother with frivolities like defense or rebounding, but through four NBA seasons he’s carved out a niche as a smooth scorer. The man gets buckets; defenses that lose sight of Fournier for even a moment are likely to get burned by him sliding into an open jumper on the weak side or darting around a screen toward the rim. Slot in Fournier as a complementary scorer and he can fill in the gaps while giving an offense some flourish. Scoring specialists, by type, tend not to be the most judicious with their shot selection. Fournier’s case is helped by the fact that he stands as an exception, both in terms of where he takes his shots and how. The mid-range has never much called to him. Fournier takes 42% of his shots from behind the arc and another 30% at the rim, creating a distribution that buoys his shooting percentages. There’s also enough patience in his game to work around would-be isos and iffy, contested jumpers for better looks. Sixty-four NBA players averaged at least 15 points per game last season. Among them, Fournier ranked ninth in true shooting. (Last year: Not ranked)

+ Excellent three-point shooter and one of the best (41.1%) above the break
+ Racks up points within a role, doesn’t need to deviate to be effective
No-show defender who hasn’t shown much aptitude in coverage
Only a so-so passer, capping the value of his work off the dribble