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Warriors' David West protested anthem before Colin Kaepernick

David West has stood last in line and two feet behind teammates during the national anthem.
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Golden State Warriors forward David West has subtly been protesting the U.S. national anthem for years before San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started sitting and then kneeling during the national anthem before this NFL season, according to The Undefeated.

West has stood last in line and two feet behind his teammates during “The Star Spangled Banner” at NBA games for years. Kaepernick started protesting this season to raise awareness for racial injustice in America. West says his protest regards issues that are “a lot deeper.”

“I can’t start talking about civic issues,” West says. “I can’t start talking about civility and being a citizen if motherf------ don’t even think I’m a human being. How can you talk about progress and how humans interrelate with one another when you don’t even recognize our humanity? We got to somehow get that straight first so we’re on the same playing field. And that’s how I feel. There is just a lot of stuff, man.”

Kaepernick's critics should look in the mirror

NBA stars LeBron James and Stephen Curry have voiced their support for Kaepernick's demonstration but plan to stand during the national anthem in games during the upcoming season.

West also supports Kaepernick's movement but does not know how long the movement may last.

"What he is doing is great, but I think it's going to pass, too,” West said. “I'm not as optimistic about everything as everyone always seems to be. I don't wear it on my sleeve like I used to. I've gotten older and a little bit more mature in terms of my thinking. But I understand human rights issues.”