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79. Clint Capela, C, Rockets

At just 22, Clint Capela has the profile of an emerging two-way force. 

At just 22, Capela has the profile of an emerging two-way force. Last season he was a per-minute wonder for the Rockets, churning out 13.3 points, 12.1 rebounds, 2.3 blocks, and 1.4 steals over 36. Some of that production is bound to wither as his minutes scale up. What’s likely to remain is still a valuable, important player—particularly within the context of what a modern center is asked to do. Capela has shown no interest in calling for the ball in the post. He screens and he rolls, over and over, to keep the offense flowing. When the ball comes his way, Capela has the hands to make catches on the move and finish strong at the rim. When it doesn’t, he stays active with cuts and pursues potential rebounds. All of this from a big with real defensive promise. At minimum, Capela is a big-time rebounder and capable finisher who will bring energy to a defense. That’s a hell of a place to start. (Last year: Not ranked)

+ Quick, lanky shot-blocker who can wreak havoc through activity.
+ Committed rebounder who punishes opponents for failing to box him out.
– Strictly a catch-and-finish player. Doesn’t yet have the footwork or ball skills to do much else on the move.
Slight enough that he gets pushed around by opposing centers.