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President Obama, Derek Jeter discuss retirement, advice to young selves

In a video for The Players’ Tribune, Derek Jeter and President Obama discussed retirement, advice and giving back.
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In a video for The Players’ Tribune, former Yankees second baseman Derek Jeter and President Barack Obama discussed retirement, advice for their younger selves and giving back.

When discussing what he would tell a younger version of himself, Jeter revealed an interesting tidbit, saying he wrote in a diary every day during his last season.

“The idea was, I don’t have children, if and when I had kids, it’s sort of like my dad’s scrapbook,” Jeter said of the diary. “I wish I would have done that throughout my entire career.”

Obama said he would have told his 15-year-old self to stop goofing off an hit the books.

“I was getting by on charm and wit but not taking my schoolwork as serious as I could have,” Obama said.

Jeter also discussed his retirement.

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“I slept the whole next day,” Jeter joked. “I was ready to retire ... I was excited about things to come.”

Obama seemed keen on doing the same.

“That is my intention as well. I’m going to catch up on some sleep.”

Watch the whole video below: