New York Mets: Avoid season-ending injuries

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By the end of 2016, the Mets were decimated by the losses of so many key players—starting pitchers Matt Harvey (thoracic outlet surgery), Jacob deGrom (surgery to alleviate ulnar nerve irritation) and Steven Matz (surgery to remove bone spur in elbow); third baseman David Wright (neck surgery); second baseman' Neil Walker (back surgery) and shortstop Wilmer Flores (bone bruise in wrist)—that it's a minor miracle they even got to the NL wild-card game. Harvey made just 17 starts with a 4.86 ERA before going under the knife, while Wright has played in just 75 games over the past two seasons. The team was deep enough to overcome their losses in 2016, but they'll need better health to retake the NL East, especially from their vaunted pitching staff.

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