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Early fantasy football position rankings: Top 10 quarterbacks

It's a known strategy to wait for the later rounds before taking a quarterback in your fantasy draft. But if you are the first person to dive into the QB pool, who's the one you should take? Here's our top 10. 

Draft season is still a few months away, but fantasy football—and football in general—is once again pervading conversation across the country. Over the next few weeks, we’ll present you with our early top 10 lists at every position. Their makeup may change by time draft season really arrives, but it’s time for us to kick it off with our quarterback rankings.

For years now, you’ve heard about the benefits of waiting on a quarterback in fantasy drafts. That strategy remains axiomatic, even with the NFL as pass-friendly as it has been in its history. Running backs are in ever-shorter supply, and elite receivers rule the day. As Cam Newton, Blake Bortles, Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton proved last year, you can always find a capable quarterback in the middle rounds or later of any draft, and so the fantasy league where someone wants to use a first- or second-round pick on a quarterback is nearly extinct. Still, with all that being said, as the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees get pushed further and further down draft boards, it's actually beginning to make more sense to be the first person to dive into the quarterback pool. We still wouldn’t recommend it, but the argument for it is more cogent than it was just a few seasons ago. Who’s the one you should aim for? Our rankings are below.