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Yasiel Puig meets fan who lost her tooth catching ball toss

Yasiel Puig meets the fan who he drilled with a baseball.

Just days after Yasiel Puig smoked a fan with a ball toss into the stands, knocking out her tooth, he took the time to meet her.

Dodgers fan Alyssa Gerharter met Puig after the Dodgers' game against the Yankees and held a sign hat read “#PuigMyTooth”

“I saw it coming at me and I remember thinking, 'I don't have a glove to catch this ball' ... and I think I put my hands up in front of my face,” Gerharter told the New York Daily News. “I saw it was coming at me and registered that it was coming at me, and I felt it hit me.”

Combine that with pre-game margaritas and it would be enough for anyone to be thrown off in the heat of the moment.