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Watch: SI SportsKids family gets new home furnished by Tyler Perry

Last year's SI Sportskids of the Year got a look at their new apartment.

Rainn, Tai and Brooke Sheppard were named last year's SportsKids of the Year after bringing home medals from the Junior Olympics in Houston.

Home wasn't much at the time. The sisters and their mother, Tonia Handy, had been homeless for a few months after failing to pay rent on their Brooklyn apartment. Handy has been raising her family alone and took the kids to a city shelter.

Despite their struggles, the sisters have found success on the track and were put on the cover of Sports Ilustrated Kids. The story caught the attention of filmmaker Tyler Perry, who agreed to find them a place to live and pay their rent for the next two years.

Perry not only made good on his promise but he also fully furnished the apartment.

It was revealed to the family on the latest episode of "The View."

And there's your uplifting story of the day.