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Someone paid $3,190 for a game-used Stephen Curry mouthguard

Stephen Curry’s used, chewed mouthguard was sold for three grand.

Remember when someone bid over $13,000 for a bag of air from Kobe’s last game? Somehow, an auction that happened over the weekend might top that.

Some fan watching the Warriors play a road game found Stephen Curry’s gross, super-chewed mouthguard laying around and decided to auction it off, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. SCP Auctions out in California wound up selling it for $3,190, which is pretty exorbitant for a disgusting, smelly mouthpiece.

If you were wondering, the mouthguard was apparently found in December, so it’s not the one that Curry hurled at a fan during the Finals. 

The most ridiculous thing about this story is that SCP’s vice president told Rovell that he thought the mouthguard would go for $5,000. Yeah, the stench of that thing isn’t worth five stacks. Sorry, man.

– Kenny Ducey