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Klay Thompson’s dad watched wrestling instead of Game 7

Klay Thompson’s dad had more interesting things to watch instead of Warriors-Thunder Game 7.

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The Warriors advanced to the NBA Finals on Monday with a thrilling Game 7 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Game 7 was a fitting conclusion to a hard-fought series, and yet at least one player’s parent willfully decided not to watch the game.

Mychal Thompson, son of sharpshooter Klay, revealed Tuesday on ESPN Radio in Los Angeles that he couldn’t bear to watch his son play in such a big game. So what did the elder Thompson do instead?

This all makes for too neat of a story, right? Nervous dad can’t stand to watch his son play, so he watches wrestling instead. It’s cute. Too cute.

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Here’s what the Extra Mustard Conspiracy Team thinks actually happened: Thompson really wanted to watch John Cena’s return to Monday Night Raw instead of another basketball game. You think Thompson gets scared about Game 7s? Thompson is a two-time NBA champ who played in a Finals Game 7.

He could’ve watched the game if he wanted to. Nah, he was more interested in Cena’s return. But to cover his tracks, Thompson concocted this whole “nervous dad” story. Well played, Mychal. One can only imagine how hard your heart was pounding when Cena was attacked by AJ Styles.

– Rohan Nadkarni