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Team USA is staying on a boat but Jimmy Butler is afraid of water

The U.S. basketball team is staying on a boat but Jimmy Butler is afraid of water.

Most American basketball players are probably glad to be staying on a luxury cruise ship during the Olympics, but not Jimmy Butler. 

While most athletes stay in the Olympic Village, the U.S. basketball teams are staying on a ship called the Silver Cloud. It sounds great, until you hear that Butler is afraid of water. 

“Jimmy Butler doesn’t like water,” DeAndre Jordan told’s Chris Chavez. “So we were talking about, ‘Would you jump off the boat or would you get in?’ [He says,] ‘No and don’t play with me about it.’ He definitely does not like the water at all.”

He apparently hates water so much that he’s asked for a room without a view.

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​“(Jimmy) don’t want to be near the water,” Draymond Green said. “He doesn’t want his room facing the water. Nothing. It’s incredible to me.”

So that’s why Butler signed a long-term contract to stay in the Midwest.