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Tom Brady violates NFL highlights policy

Tom Brady’s Facebook video won’t get him off Roger Goodell’s naughty list. 
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If there’s one thing the NFL hates, even more than touchdown celebrations, it’s people sharing their content online. Enjoying NFL content not disseminated through the NFL’s official channels is strictly illegal and will land you in the league’s prison deep beneath 345 Park Avenue.

The NFL has always been hyper-vigilant about deleting unauthorized videos, but starting this season, even NFL teams are banned from sharing any game footage on social media. God forbid you generate excitement about your product.

Well, leave it to Tom Brady to find another NFL policy to violate. He posted this video of his half-hearted blocking attempt on his Facebook page Monday. 

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The video is perfectly fine from a legal standpoint (the transformative nature means it satisfies the fair-use provision of U.S. copyright law), but the NFL prefers extralegal judiciary methods. 

I’m already on the record as saying Brady’s Facebook page is the worst, but if he’s trying to stick it to the NFL here, I have to respect it.