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Tim Tebow’s high school baseball coach still believes in him

Tim Tebow’s high school baseball coach thinks the former NFL quarterback can still pursue a MLB career.

Tim Tebow, a college graduate, is attempting to pursue a career in professional baseball, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Tuesday.

Tebow has not played organized baseball since high school, so in a way he is pursuing a baseball career in the same way every stepdad from every television show ever is pursuing a baseball career. The difference for Tebow is he has the resources to hold a tryout for all 30 MLB teams (and his football career, I guess).

What else does Tebow have working in his favor? A ringing endorsement from his high school baseball coach:

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“The work ethic that he has is what it’s going to take to get there,” Greg “Boo” Mullins told Fox Sports. “And if anybody can get there, it’s going to be him. He just needs the reps and the timing, and he needs to see pitching, pitching, pitching. I’m not worried about him getting reps in at the cage, after practice, before practice, things like that—because he’s going to do that on his own.

Mullins told Fox Sports that Tebow developed into a solid power hitter in high school. The former Broncos QB was apparently also a solid pitcher, but he was held back on the mound to preserve his arm for his football career.

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“I don’t want to say that he will [make the majors] because I know how hard it is to get there,” Mullins said. “But I do want to say that he’ll make it because I know Timmy. Tim, once he starts, and once it’s in his heart and in his head, I think the youngin’ can play any sport.”