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Teen runs 71-minute half-marathon while wearing Crocs

A two-hour marathon was run over the weekend but a kid in Crocs may have been more impressive.

The two-hour barrier in the marathon was almost broken this past weekend when Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge ran 2:00:25 in a Nike-backed human science project that required fancy shoes. What if the best running shoes aren't ones with a swoosh?

One of the most impressive running performances of the year took place at this weekend's 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis, where 18-year-old Benjamin Pachev ran 71:53 for 16th place while wearing Crocs. His father, Alexander Pachev, was not too far behind and ran 76:07 in Crocs as well.

Benjamin Pachev does it by choice and says the Crocs can last him 2,000 miles while he averages about 65 miles/week.

“It’s like having a little fan that’s just streaming air over your foot,” Benjamin told FOX 59.

Bet you the lab rats at Nike didn't think about that one!