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A Swedish junior hockey game featured a whopping 871 penalty minutes

Both teams played hard. 

Surely you read the headline of this post and scrolled down hoping to find a video of what led two Swedish U18 hockey teams (Åker/Strängnäs HC and Flemingsbergs IK) to accumulate 871 penalty minutes. In the interest of honesty, I’ll tell you this right away: there is no video. 

But I promise this box score will not disappoint you. Prepare to keep scrolling for a very long time. 

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As you can see, things were chippy throughout the game but the real action didn’t start until after the final whistle, when the two teams started brawling during the postgame handshake line. 

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Swedish outlet Afton Bladet spoke with the regional head of referees, who said it wasn’t quite as bloody as the box score would indicate. “There is no field ambulance or the like,” he said. 

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