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Extra Mustard’s guide to throwing a great Super Bowl party

Throw the best Super Bowl party of the year with the help of Extra Mustard's handy guide.

Throwing an awesome Super Bowl party is remarkably simple, but there are a few key elements you need to ensure a successful soiree. Follow Extra Mustard’s Super Bowl party guide and you’ll become the Tom Brady of playoff parties.

1. Have a home or shelter of some kind

The Super Bowl is in February. In most places in the United States, it is quite cold outside in February. Not saying hosting your party in your local park wouldn’t be fun, but you might get a lower turnout if BYOB stands for bring your own blanket.

2. Invite friends

A party isn’t really a party without guests, so you’ll need to wrangle up some acquaintances who will be willing to stand around and talk about football with you for a few hours.

3. Have a big TV (with cable)

You could, theoretically, listen to the game on the radio, but your acquaintances will probably be expecting you to provide them with means to actually see the big game. The more people you invite, the bigger your TV will need to be. (And you're lucky—right now is the best time to buy one at a great price.)

4. Provide adequate seating

A couch, some pillows and maybe a bean bag chair or two are really all you need to make the people happy. The dusty futon in your basement can even be pressed into service if necessary. 

5. Make good food

Guac or GTFO, really.

If you don’t want to feed your guests a meal consisting entirely of avocados, use this list for inspiration of other foods to prepare. Or check out our Super Bowl recipe guide.

6. Provide booze

There are so many beer commercials on during the game that people are going to start wanting it just by power of association. You might as well plan ahead and have a cooler of cold ones ready to go.