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Ranking the best and worst beards of the Stanley Cup Final

Which Stanley Cup players have the best and worst playoff beards? 

In addition to playing for the Stanley Cup, Penguins and Sharks players have the distinct honor of being able to grow their playoff beards the longest. These guys have put their razors away for the last six weeks and are sporting some pretty sweet facial hair. Well, most of them. Let’s get ready for the Stanley Cup final by ranking the best and worst beards in the series. 

The Worst

10. Justin Braun

justin braun rocky widner nhl.jpg

Looks like a Bond villain.

9. Dainius Zubrus

zubrus christian petersen getty.jpg

What’s up with that bare spot on the cheek?

8. Evgeni Malkin

malkin justin k aller getty.jpeg

I think he shaved with a butter knife.

7. Marc-Édouard Vlasic

vlasic twitter.jpg

Bad beard, but bonus points for dogs.​

6. Sidney Crosby


Now you see why they call him The Kid.

5. Conor Sheary

sheary icon.jpg

Not much to see here.

4. Matt Murray

murray justin k aller.jpg

Good thing it’s covered by a mask.

3. Tomas Hertl

hertl don smith nhl.jpg

Maybe it’ll grow in better when he’s older.

2. Carl Hagelin

hags gregory shamus nhl.jpg

Like a Scandinavian Captain Hook.

1. Olli Maatta

maatta gregory shamus nhl.jpg

I think there’s something on his lip.

The Best

10. Brenden Dillon

dillon don smith nhl.jpg

Good coverage.

9. Phil Kessel

kessel gregory shamus nhl.jpg

​Much better than his breath.

8. Nick Bonino

bonino gene j puskar ap.jpg

Robust in the chin.

7. Joe Pavelski

pavelski rocky w widner nhl.jpg

Nice and red.

6. Kris Letang

letang icon.jpg

That’s a Norris-worthy beard.

5. Bryan Rust

rust gregory shamus nhl.jpg

A beard befitting his new hero status.

4. Patrick Marleau



3. Patric Hornqvist

hornqvist gregory shamus nhl.jpg

Literally Yukon Cornelius.

2. Brent Burns

burns icon.jpg

You don’t get a Chia Pet by having a lame beard.

1. Joe Thornton

thornton jamie squire getty.jpg

He looks kinda like Charles Manson, but I love this beard anyway.