The best Halloween costumes for sports fans

Need an idea for a sports-related Halloween costume? We have you covered. 
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Making a bad sports Halloween costume is easy—just put on a jersey from your closet and say “I’m Jorge Posada.”

But that’s lame. Sixth grade was soooo long ago. If athletes can come up with great costumes portraying normal people like you and I—as Russell Westbrook did—then we can dress as them.

If you’re looking for a creative concept, look no further—we have you covered. From football, to wrestling, to Drake, there are plenty of ways to go this Halloween if you’re into sports.

Jim Harbaugh

The basics are easy (khakis and a blue sweater), but you can make this pop with one detail: a fine-point Sharpie on the string of a whistle.

Baseball fan LeBron James

LeBron has been pulling hard for the Indians this October, but he grew up a Yankees fan (and even wore a Yankees hat to a New York-Cleveland playoff game in 2007). All you need for this one is to mix and match some Indians and Yankees gear. 


The return of Bill Goldberg is the biggest thing in wrestling right now. You could either wear the leather jacket and jeans combo he had on for his return on Monday, or the tiny trunks he wore in the 90’s. You’ll need elbow and knee pads if you go the latter route. Either way, you’ll definitely need a bald cap, and probably a goatee. 

Russell Westbrook

Actually, never mind. You could never afford the clothes he wears. 

Senator Curt Schilling

When Curt Schilling is sitting on Capitol Hill, he’ll probably be wearing a sensible suit. All you have to do is pair it with a bloody sock. 

Rex and Rob Ryan

These guys did a pretty good job with their costumes during the Bills’ game against the 49ers. If space allows, you and your costume partner could bring along a tandem bicycle

Joe Maddon

Maddon dresses like your coolest uncle. Pick the trendiest thing in your closet, but you have to show up to the party in a cool van

Tom Brady

Easy. Uggs and a Make America Great Again hat. 

Lil’ Kev


This guy from a Tommy Bahama ad looks just like Kevin Love. If you’ve got the hair to pull it off, go for it. All you need is that hoodie. 

Joel Embiid

​Philly fans think he’s the messiah. Find a flowing white robe. 

Basketball Drake

There will be some Drakes out there on Halloween, but definitely none that have a love for basketball. Dress as a real coach, like Drake did during All-Star Weekend, or follow around your friend, dressed as LeBron, and heckle him in a giant throwback Raptors jacket.

Unfaithful Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham’s romance with the kicking net has hit new heights, but your costume can imagine they’ve hit a rough patch. Wear a No. 13 jersey (bleach your hair if you’re really ambitious), and cover yourself with a different net—fishing, basketball, butterfly, whatever. 

Clark the Cub

We strongly advise against this, since he doesn’t wear pants, but it shouldn’t be hard to find a Cubs jersey and a bear mask if you feel like taking a risk. 

A.J. Styles

Why not dress as the most popular wrestler right now? Throw on some receiver gloves, a hoodie and matching tights. Then work on mastering his hood removal and pose.