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San Diego moving companies pledge they won't help the Chargers move to L.A.

Twenty-four San Diego-area moving companies have pledged not to aid the Chargers' move to Los Angeles. 

The San Diego Chargers' move to Los Angeles has not gone swimmingly. 

First, there was the (since-abandoned) logo. Then, newly hired head coach Anthony Lynn actually referred to the "San Diego" Chargers at his introductory press conference. Now, 24 San Diego-area moving companies have pledged not to help the Chargers make the 120-mile move up the coast.

The (unofficial) union of professional movers launched to publicize their position. They're upset, and they're doing something about it. Respect.

Here's the official declaration: 

"We decree, henceforth, that we shall unite as a perfect union of professional movers in agreeance not to aid the San Diego Charger's move to Los Angeles."

The Chargers might have trouble finding help from Los Angeles movers, as well—12 L.A.-based moving companies have joined in on the pledge. 

Let's be realistic: Someone is going to help the Chargers move. But the image of a furious Dean Spanos speeding up the I–5 freeway in a rented U–Haul is tremendous.