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Russell Westbrook is wearing a shirt with a giant hole in it

Russell Westbrook busted out yet another interesting playoff outfit.


Russell Westbrook, you have outdone yourself. There is a gigantic hole in your shirt today. There are also several smaller ones, but we’ll focus on the large one.

Does the breeze feel good on your solar plexus? Are you ready to chase Steph Curry around for several hours? Is it too bright to see right now? Are you joining the rumored Rage Against the Machine reunion group?

Tell us, Russ. We need to know. We will see you at the podium, probably. Hey, that jacket is pretty cool too.

Just don’t stain that shirt with any halal food after the game. Hot sauce is difficult to extract. Aim for the hole, in that case. It will not be difficult.

The Warriors and Thunder play at 9 p.m. ET.